Jorge Mario Ramirez


My area of expertise is applied stochastic processes with connections to partial differential equations of mathematical physics.

I was born in Medellín, on May 19, 1978. Got my PhD in Mathematics from Oregon State University, and worked as a postdoc at The University of Arizona. Here is my place in the mathematics genealogy.

Here’s my full Curriculum Vitae.

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This is my personal webpage. I am an applied mathematician working as a professor at  Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in beautiful Medellín, Colombia.

Contact info:

Jorge Mario Ramirez

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Calle 59A No 63-20

Medellín - Colombia


Current Research:

  1. Advection-diffusion processes in graphs.

  2. Kernel methods for analysis of genetic information.

  3. Energy dissipation in oceanic wave breaking.

  4. Frechet mean in Euclidean manifolds.

Recent talks

[MCA13] Modeling advection-diffusion in  networks: applications to riverine ecology. Mathematical Congress of the Americas. Guanajuato, August, 2013.

[CCM13] Transporte por advección-difusión en ductos heterogéneos: Ecuaciones diferenciales parciales y procesos estocásticos. Congreso Colombiano de Matemáticas. Barranquilla, Julio, 2013.

[EDM] Population persistence under advection-diffusion in river networks. Everything Disperses to Miami. University of Miami, December, 2012.

[AMS12] Diffusion processes on Graphs: Construction and Applications. AMS Fall Western Meeting, Tucson, Arizona. Octubre, 2012.

[EAFIT] Advección-Difusión en Grafos: aplicaciones a la ecología fluvial. Ciclo de Conferencias por los 10 años de la Carrera de Ingeniería Matemática. EAFIT, Mayo 2012.

[CLAPEM] Diffusion processes on Graphs: Construction and Applications. XII Latin American Congress in Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Viña del Mar, Chile. Marzo, 2012. 

[CPNG] Química Física entre Matemáticos: la maravillosa historia de cómo llegamos a entender los process de difusión y la naturaleza misma de la materia. CATEDRA PEDRO NEL GOMEZ. Septiembre 2011.

[C11] Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente? No necesariamente. Coloquio de la Escuela de Matemáticas, Mayo 30, 2011.

[ED10] Stability of evolution equations in binary graphs: ecological dispersion in river networks. ICAMI 2010. San Andres Island. Nov 2010.

[DD10] Advection-Diffusion in media with discontinuous coefficients: Skew Brownian motion and applications. ICAMI 2010. San Andres Island. Nov 2010.

[C09] Advección-difusión en medios heterogéneos: movimiento Browniano sesgado y aplicaciones. Coloquio de la Escuela de Matemáticas, Nov 9, 2009.

[GS09] Modeling wave breaking dissipation on wave/current interactions. SIAM Gs 09, Lipschitz, Germany, Jun 16, 2009.

[DEF] Skew Brownian Motion and branching processes applied to diffusion-advection in heterogenous media and fluid flow. Defensa de tesis doctoral. Oregon State University, Jun 28, 2007.

[ECO] Modeling time to extinction of ecological communities in stream networks. 5th International Conference on Ecological Informatics. Santa Barbara, CA., Dic 10, 2006.


[SS] Advection-Dispersion across interfaces.  J. M. Ramirez, Waymire, E., Thomann, E. Statistical Science, 28(4), 487-509, 2013.

[PAMS13] On the path properties of a lacunary power series. G. Jensen, Pommerenke, C, Ramirez J.M. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. To appear, 2013.

[JMB] Population persistence under advection-diffusion in river networks.  J. M. Ramirez. Journal of Mathematical Biology. 65 (5)  919-942, 2012.

[RCM] Green’s functions for Sturm-Liouville problems of directed tree graphs. J. M. Ramirez. Revista Colombiana de Matemáticas. 46(1) 15-25, 2012.

[PAMS] Multi-Skewed Brownian Motion and Diffusion in Layered Media.  J. M. Ramirez. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society.139 (10) 3739-3752, 2011

[JPO] Multi-scale Momentum Flux and Diffusion due to Whitecapping in Wave/Current Interactions. J. Restrepo, J. M. Ramirez, J. McWilliams, M. Banner. Journal of Physical Oceanography 41 (5), 837-856, 2011.

[WRR] A Note on the Theoretical Foundations of Particle Tracking Methods in Heterogeneous Porous Media. J. Ramirez, E. Thomann, E. Waymire, J. Chastanet, B. Wood. Water Resources Research, 44 (2008).

[SIAM] A generalized Taylor-Aris formula and skew diffusion. J. Ramirez, E. Thomann, E. Waymire, R. Haggerty, B. Wood. Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal,  5(3)(2006) 786-801.

[JCP] Multiplicative cascades applied to PDEs (two numerical examples). J. Ramirez. Journal of Computational Physics, 214 (2006) 122-136.

[JHE] Linking long-term water balances and statistical scaling to estimate river flows along the drainage network of Colombia. G. Poveda, J. Vélez, O. Mesa, A. Cuartas, J. Barco, R. Mantilla, J. Mejía, C. Hoyos, J. Ramirez, L. Ceballos, M. Zuluaga, P. Arias, B. Botero, M. Montoya, J. Giraldo, and D. Quevedo. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering}, 12(1)(2007), 4-13.

[JH] HidroSIG: an interactive digital atlas of Colombia's hydro-climatology. G. Poveda, O. Mesa, J. Vélez, R. Mantilla, J. Ramirez, O. Henandez, A. Borja, J. Urzola. Journal of Hydroinformatics, 9(2)(2007), 145-156.